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Watchword for the Month

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are
Proverbs 31:8


Rev R A Petrus - May 2021

Mothers were looked upon with great veneration in the east and perceived as the schoolmistress of the family. These are the tender and wise words of a godly mother to her son king Lemuel (means dedicated to God), moulding him in a godly way for his reign as king. It is the loving heart of a mother educating, giving religious instruction to her son on how to be a good servant to God and his people. We are honoured to have parents who fashion our minds in a godly way. Parents who through baptism prayerfully, make a vow to set a godly example and raise children in a godly way. Even if they are no longer with us we can remember the beautiful spiritual foundations they laid in our lives to become the godly people that we are today. As parents we must use the opportunity to influence and instruct our children in the right way, that they may choose the right path. How are we influencing our children, in a positive or negative way?

Here the king calls into mind the good teachings of his mother. Her advise urges him not to become a slave of his passion, he must not allow his body to rule him but to keep his mind and body healthy. She warned him against excess to prevent interference with proper and just leadership. Pleading for a holy lifestyle, whatever others may be at liberty to do , there are different positions that demand a different standard of conduct. Lust blunts the moral sense it pollutes the memory, she called her son to have good principals and be of good

This mother described the moral requirement of good government: those in positions of authority are Gods servants and should serve according to Gods will. Those in power should not only be concerned about themselves and their own enjoyment but take up the plight of the less fortunate. Power and position should always be used to help the powerless and rule justly. The king is reminded of his duty to care for the oppressed and needy to show compassion and take up the cause of justice.

Open your mouth is a call to speak up, to speak out, to say something, to stop the harm and protect the powerless. The church as Gods servant have the duty to be the voice of the voiceless. There are so many who cannot speak for themselves, the unborn, vulnerable children, mentally handicapped, poor, less fortunate, minority groups, those who are in danger, the abused. We are called to become the voices of the voiceless : like Joseph who spoke up on behalf of his family, Esther who spoke to the king on behalf of her people , the Good Samaritan who spoke on behalf of the wounded. Even Jesus took up the plight of the children and said “ Let the children cometh unto me. “ When the adulterous woman was facing death, Jesus saved her life and said: those who are without sin cast the first stone. At the cross Jesus took up the plight of his mother and placed her in the care of John. We are called to have royal caring hearts and the character of the heavenly king. It is part of our godly duty to speak out against injustices that justice may prevail.

Injustices are still a reality and it calls us to stand up and speak out. There are opportunities everyday to speak out for the abused, disabled, old, sick, poor, neglected. We cannot allow Gods beautiful creation to be destroyed by corruption, greed, violence, abuse, bullying, war, injustices, disease etc. We need to protect and build Gods creation and speak out and expose elements of destruction. If we stay silent evil will continue to grow but if we speak out against it, we stop it from continuing and destroying precious lives.

Those in positions of authority are Gods stewards, they can’t just do what they want, but needs to do what is right according to Gods will. They must serve, and uphold the rights and interest of the people, if they are out of line we need to speak out and call them to order! Christ has no body now but yours, no hands no feet on earth but yours. I conclude with the hymn by St Theresa of Avilla : Yours are the eyes with which He sees. Yours are the feet with which He walks, yours are the hands with which He blesses all the world: Yours are the hands.


Rev. R A Petrus