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Watchword for the Month

Our word for the month of July comes from a very interesting experience in Elijah’s ministry
according to 1 Kings 19v7 “The angel of the LORD came back a second time and touched him and said, ‘Get up and eat, for the journey is too much for you.”


Bishop Joemath - July 2020

Dear brothers and sisters, These are such unique words that I could not resist reading the previous two Bible chapters again to acquaint myself with the background to these profound encouragement to Elijah, so that I can only advise you to go and read it too. The life of a child of God and in this instance especially that of a prophet, can only be described as one that is under continuous threat if s/he stays true to her/his calling.

Elijah is on a mission and a consequential journey for the Lord or flight from the enemies of the Lord. The life of someone feeling called by the Lord to speak out for the Lord can either be a lonesome one or a dangerous one. So, we learn from Elijah that he remained true to his calling and accepted the challenges and threats that accompanied it. That is always the first things we all struggle with: Saying YES to the Lord has implied consequences for us! It is no easy road and as the Lord also warned us, it is never without thorns. This is perhaps the reason why many of us are not willing to take such steps for the Lord. And now Elijah, like Jonah, tries to flee such risky consequences because they, like us, are only human and fallible. But Elijah, like Jonah, and consequently we too, must learn that you cannot run away from your responsibilities and from the Lord even if they are dangerous ones. The Lord has his ways to deal with you.

In this case, the Lord sent his angel to look after Elijah. Isn’t that a wonderful thought? The Lord has angels to look after us. The task of the angel was to remind him or us that for any task you need strength. Yes, the Lord knows that you need to be strengthened for the task at hand and will supply the necessary support or food or encouragement for it. His angels are all around us to be there for us especially during such difficult times. Do you see an angel in a friend around you? The Lord has sent him or her to you! These angels will not leave you alone and may come around a second or third time to complete that task. The angel had to remind him that he was on a journey. God walks with us along the whole journey we are on through this life and especially with reference to the task at hand. Some of us know such journeys through life and the challenges associated with them. Be assured that God walks with you and will send assistance at times when you do not have a clue of what is going on. Being in the service of the Lord has its specific and unique challenges which require extraordinarily special support. You need to be strong to work for the Lord. We read that, after eating of the food that was provided, Elijah could go on walking for days on end. We are encouraged that the Lord will supply what we need to continue serving Him because He knows what it takes to do what we have to do for Him.

I find the following words very encouraging and inspiring ‘The angel…touched him…’! We sometimes ignore these gentle persuasions of the Lord to get us moving again. Many of us have been socialised through harsh means, harsh words, strong pushes, but the way of the Lord in most cases is just a gentle touch to remind us of our task or to continue, to get going on life’s journey. May you get a gentle touch at some stage in this new month to say: Brother, Sister, my Young man, Young woman, get up, I am here for you to strengthen you for the road ahead. Come let us walk it together and get the job done. There is no need to run away from life’s challenges. You just need special strength. I’ve got it for you. Be surprised and overwhelmed by the strength and support of God for you this month. AMEN.

Lord, I am waiting for You and your angels on my journey through life during this month.

By: Joemath (Bishop)