Watchword for the Month

Text: Mark 13:37


Bishop Ruiters - March 2020

Our word for the month of March is very short but very powerful. Jesus Christ said: ’Watch’ Mark 13:37

Dear brothers and sisters, Jesus gives us a general warning about the end times: Jesus says: Watch! Stay awake! Jesus gives us this warning and description about the Last Day, and we see that He does it to teach and comfort us. For his followers, His coming is not a bad thing, but a great thing! We are going to be with Him!

As He finishes His teaching and warning about the Last Day, He finally answers the question that the disciples asked Him all the way back in verse four. They asked, “When will the temple be destroyed?” And like a politician, in verses 28-32, He finally gets around to answering their question. Jesus warns us that even though we knew the time frame for the destruction of the temple, we won’t have any idea of the time frame for when He will return. To help illustrate this, He uses the example of the fig tree. When fig trees become tender and begin to sprout leaves, you know that summer is just around the corner.

As He concludes this warning, He says, “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away. But concerning that date or hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Jesus in His human nature does not know when He will return. The angels in heaven have no idea either. Only the Heavenly Father knows when He will have Jesus come back. But Jesus tells us that although the two constant things in human history, the universe and world will pass away, His Word will never pass away. His Word that says you are forgiven and free. His Word that creates and sustains faith. His Word that says He loves and care for you. His Word that says He is your God Who works all things for your good, even the bad things. We see that Jesus uses this warning to guide us to the only thing that will never pass away or perish, Him and His Word. Although we won’t know when He will return, we have the one thing that will last and that we can base our lives on as we wait for Him: the Word.

As we go back to our short, powerful text, we see Jesus giving us one last warning to keep us from spiritual harm and death. He says, ’’Watch, be on guard, keep awake. For you do not know when the time will come.” To watch or to be awake is to be active and alive in our faith. It means to be sleepless, to be vigilant and on guard, aware, alert and intently focused.

Jesus warns us not to be sleeping, He is coming back. For all too often we think that Jesus isn’t coming back anytime soon, or even in our life. Jesus wants us to stay and be active in our faith. He has given us tasks to do while He is gone to keep us busy and help us be ready for His return. We stay awake for the end times by telling others about Jesus and by witnessing to others through our actions and words. We prepare for His coming and stay awake by remaining in His Word, the One thing that will endure, and by clinging to Him in faith.

As we look elsewhere in Scripture, we can find more details about the last day and end times. Revelation says that God is making a new Heaven and new Earth. It talks about how we as God’s people will be with Him in paradise, where we will have every tear wiped away from our eyes. We will have new bodies and be with our loved ones in the faith. With this in mind, how can you not stay awake? How can we not heed His warnings which teach us about the last day, comfort us, and direct us to His ever-enduring Word? So, stay awake, for there is work to be done and because God has great things planned coming our way. In Jesus’ name,

Let us stay awake!! Have a blessed month. AMEN.