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Overall Theme: Live by the Spirit, Walk by the Spirit.
Text: Romans 8:1–17


Dear brothers and sisters, the Holy Spirit is one of God’s most precious gifts to His beloved children. He takes up residence within the believers and empowers them to overcome sin and live for God’s glory and purposes. However, the Spirit’s power can be “turned off” or ignored. Only those who choose to live and walk with Him have unhindered access to His strength and guidance. Our Pentecost theme for this year is ’Live by the Spirt, Walk by the Spirit’. The question is how do we live and walk by the Spirit? The answer is very simple. Walking by the spirit is just living a life in the spirit. It’s living a life in the continual presence of the spirit of God. Jesus put it like this in John 15, that we need to abide in him, basically the same thing. If we abide in Jesus, the spirit is working within us. So as we abide in Jesus Christ, as we abide in that vine, as a branch abides in the vine, the Holy Spirit is pulsing the spiritual sap into us and producing then fruit in our lives. So walking in the spirit is a God consciousness, it’s pursuing God with all of our heart. It’s to have no other idols or gods, but to serve the only true God, our Creator and Sustainer of life. My dear brothers and sisters, being led by the Spirit should be the natural lifestyle of the children of God. When Paul talks about “walking” according to the Spirit, or “walking” according to the flesh, he’s talking about what it is that motivates, propels, and directs us as we go through life. Either we’re being moved and led by the Holy Spirit, which is from God, or we’re being moved and led by our own desires. When we trust God and walk according to the Spirit, God’s desires become our desires and God’s will becomes our will. We just need to hold our Father’s hand and walk! Amen.

Prayer: Thank you God for your grace, thank you for giving us this wonderful opportunity to meditate on your Word during this Pentecost Week. Thank you for your mercies. Father it’s my heart’s desire to live and walk by the Spirit. Let the fire of the Holy Spirit come afresh upon my life. We honour and praise you, in Jesus name. Amen