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Watchword for the Month

Theme: Making things better in God’s way
Isaiah 58:7


Rev K Lupindo

This is the book of the prophet Isaiah, the son of Amoz. Isaiah served as a prophet to Judah from 740- 681 BC.

True worship is more than religious rituals, going to the Temple everyday fasting and listening to scripture readings. We cannot be saved without faith in Christ, but our faith lacks sincerity if it doesn’t reach out to the others. Fasting can be beneficial spiritually and physically. But at its best fasting helps only the person doing it. God says He wants our fasting to go beyond our own personal growth. He needs us to do the act of kindness, charity, justice and generosity. This is truly pleasing to God. God used his great power to saved Israel from slavery in Egypt.

In this verse 7 God is asking/requesting the responsible citizens amongst Gods people to use their power to free the oppressed and share bread with the hungry.

to provide food for those that want it. This is put first as the most and which the poor can but a little while live without. It is to break our bread to the hungry.

to provide lodging for those that want /need it. It is to take care of the poor that are cast out. We have to be hospitable and make our homes shelter to them. It doesn’t say take them to the BnB or hotels but it says “to our houses” and take care of them. We mustn’t forget to entertain strangers for we might entertain Christ himself. Christ will remember it in the resurrection and said “I was a stranger and you took me in”

to provide clothing to those want / need it. When you see the naked cloth him and shelter him from the injuries of the weather. One mustn’t look for an excuse but to have compassion and also give whole heartedly to the needy. Let us not be like the priest and the Levite but let us be like a good Samaritans (Luke 10:31-35). Our Savior teaches us to consider every man as our neighbor.

At some point we miss the point of living vital relationship with God. The Lord God challenges us to turn negatives to positives, first in our own lives then in the lives of others. Turn sorrow to joy, night to day and poverty to plenty and motivated by the love for God not only as a privilege but also as a priority. Through Isaiah the Lord is telling us that the most effective worship would be service to people around us. Especially anyone being mistreated, abused, in need of food, clothing, shelter most certainly family members. More importantly even more than correct worship and doctrine, is the genuine compassion for the oppressed and the helpless. Focus your attention, pray, give; lend a helping hand to the plight of the poor in particular and the blight of the human condition in general. In acting in alleviating sufferings is a better way than rituals to honor your Maker, Father and Redeemer. Children of God let us fulfill the work that our creator expected from us. In Jesus mighty name amen.


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Rev. K Lupindo