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Watchword for the Month


Rev P Simon - April 2021

Colossae was one of three cities located about one hundred miles inland from Ephesus. This area was a meeting point of East and West because of important trade route passed through there. The church here was important enough to merit the attention of Paul.

Paul did not start the Colossian church, nor did he ever visit it. Paul had heard of their faith (Col.1:4,9) but he had never seen these believers personally (Col.2:1). But his small church received an inspired letter from the great apostle Paul.

The Colossians believers began to drift in their understanding of the person and works of Jesus Christ, and Paul needed to stop this drift and reestablish a proper Christology, which includes the person of Jesus Christ (His character and nature) and the work of Jesus Christ (redemption).

The question we may want to ask is: why did Paul reach out to the church in Colossae? It was because there was a crisis which threatened to destroy the ministry of the church. Some new doctrines were being taught in Colossae and were invading the church creating problems. Paul wrote this letter to the Colossians in order to refute theses heretical teachings and establish the truth of the gospel.

There were also some in Colossae who were teaching a false Christology, and in undermining the true nature of Jesus Christ. These people were causing confusion as to the real way of salvation. Your understanding of the person and work of Jesus Christ is critical to salvation. The false teachers were very confused about creation. They taught that matter was evil, including the human body. They also taught Jesus Christ did not have a real body, since this would have put Him in contrast with evil matter.

Paul recognized the problem in Colossae and moved quickly in Colossae to correct it.

The message of the letter is greatly needed today.

Here is an important lesson to be learned: God does not always need an apostle or a “full-time Christian worker” to get a ministry established. It is God’s plan that Christians in larger urban areas, like Ephesus reach out into smaller town/places and share the gospel. I and share the gospel. Is your church helping to evangelize “small towns” As Moravian church we should reach out to smaller towns or settlements to spread God’s Word. We are a missionary church and the letter to the Colossians is a reminder for our church to fulfil its missionary task.

This heresy which threatened the peace and purity which threatened the peace and purity of the Colossian church promised people such a close union with God that they such a close union with God that they would achieve “spiritual perfection” would achieve “spiritual perfection” This “wisdom would release them from earthly things and put them in touch with heavenly things (Wiersbe 1981).

This heresy was in direct contrast with Paul’s teaching. It took a negative view of life: God is far away. Matter is evil and demonic forces are constantly threatening us.

This heresy was in direct contrast with Paul’s teaching. It took a negative view of life: “God is far away. Matter is evil and demonic forces are constantly threatening us.” The Christian faith teaches us that God is near us, that God made all things good and that Christ has delivered His people from the powers of darkness. Jesus made it clear that the Father is at work in this world caring for His own.

V15: He existed before creation. The term “first born” does not refer to time, but to place and status. “Firstborn” means “of first importance, of first rank”

This brings us to the question: where does Jesus Christ rank in our lives? Is He the first one we think about when I am at home, in my choices for entertainment, how I spend my time, how I treat my wife? My parents? My co workers?

Is He first when I think about my career? In my thoughts? My dreams for the future? In the friends I choose? In all my relationships is it based on the fact that Jesus Christ is first in my life? Remember the question that Jesus asked his disciples once, “Who do you say that I am?”

Jesus is the image of the invisible God (15a) in relation to creation – Jesus is the firstborn over all creation (15b-17); and in relation to the church – Jesus is the head of the body, the church. The Bible tells us that God is spirit which means that he is invisible. 1 Timothy 6:16 says that God “lives in unapproachable light, whom no one has seen or can see.” Christ is supreme over all things, which is why Christ is central to all things, which is why we are called to live the Christ-centered life.


Rev. P Simon