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Watchword for the Month

A reflection on Hebrews 10:24

Dear brothers and sisters as we have read from the above mentioned text, it is important to note for our meditation that the book of Hebrews was written for a group of Christians who were faced with difficulty, to the point of abandoning their Christian faith.

The author sort to encourage this group of Christians and fix their eyes into Christ as the trusted revelation of God. As the Son of God who learnt true obedience to the Father through the suffering that he endured.

It is according to the book of John 3:16 that for God so loved he the world that he gave out of love his only begotten son.

My dear brothers and sisters the sky would be awfully dark with only one star in it, and no one ever gets on the mountain top in only one giant jump, we all need one another. Life is full of challenges, and challenges can be overcome, goals be reached, but if only we care and show concern for one another. If only we are there for one another.

Christianity is a faith that God intended to be lived and enjoyed by many. Many here is deliberately used to indicate a ‘group’. A ‘group’ of people or a ‘group’ of Christians. So the ‘many’ here is provoked by God to consider to love one another. To help one another. And best expression of this love is agape (a Greek term). The ‘many’ is induced to love one another unconditionally. To love with the highest form of love, and that is what God is expecting of us to one another. To love just as He has loved us, and fulfil His new commandment, which is according to John 3:34.

It is no secret that we as Christians all share in benefit of Christ’s sacrifice for the sake of our lives. Therefore it also is our responsibility dear brothers and sisters to minister to one another in that fashion of sacrificing in love.

God calls us to love with deeds, and good deeds to be specific. James 2:17 teaches us that so too faith if it is without deeds it is dead. This love has to show. It has to be visible, and that is a pedigree of godly living into which we are provoked.

Today dear brothers and sisters we are faced with a challenge in our church, across the community and in the society at large. A challenge which most of us have never seen in our lifetime.

People die in a manner that has never been witnessed before. Because of a ferocious pandemic known as covid 19. It is a global pandemic for which the cure is not found at the moment. As it affects all of us, the author here in this passage urges us too to take care of one another. Sisonke (we are together) we need to comply with the safety rules and regulations. We need to protect ourselves, for the safety of others too. To love others by doing the good deeds.

A person is a person through others. Loving one another comes with mutual benefits, and we are urged to remain faithful in that. Christ has loved us so that we may love others. May God bless all of us.

Rev. S. Dinge